I feel a deep connection to the Earth and an urgency to use my own hands to create things. I believe this is because of my born human instinct, though long fogged through generations of easy and comfortable ways of life, to be responsible for working the land and constructing my surroundings in order to survive. I present myself with circumstances where sensitivity to material and problem-solving are necessary while working in both 2-D and 3-D mediums.

My sculptural work concerns the tactile satisfaction of working with squishy and diverse mediums. I use slip to dip organic materials and soften surfaces of hand-built forms. The outcomes of this tangibly driven task embody feelings of fragility, the softness and boniness of the human body, and the pull of gravity. I'm interested in the ways that plaster and concrete can form dichotomous relationships with the fragility of fired clay.

My drawings are another form of play that I use to explore how I can imitate the essences of my sculptural work. At times gestural and other times precise and intricate, I love exploring how opposites can work together to create feelings of tension and gravity. 

When creating with repetitive motions I find solace and peace of mind. I feel comfort in being surrounded by objects I have made.