Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with texture. I am seduced by the physical qualities of material, and nothing is more satisfying than to reach out and touch, squeeze, pull apart and investigate whatever I may encounter. I feel I cannot truly understand an object’s existence until this is done. Clay provides the perfect outlet for me to squish and play without consequences and gives me the means to recreate this urge to touch in viewers.

My current body of work explores the ideas of pattern and fragility and their ability to distort the visual weight of interacting forms. I use clay, slip, and cotton string to make repetitive connections with one another. During this process I am allowed to become completely absorbed in the moment of making, repeating motions. Clay provides support for the lacing and looping of string, and slip is poured or dipped into to soften and fossilize. Three-dimensional grids are meticulously constructed. I utilize the force of gravity in the delicate moments after dipping in slip, when the sopping forms are at its will. I'm interested in real gravitational pull versus implied. 


 Pattern and fragility create deep, innate reactions in us. Life itself is fleeting and fragile, made of repeating patterns scaling from the cellular to cosmic levels.  

I am continuously exploring and have only begun to generate final products that delight me as much as the creation process. Manipulating clay with my hands has always been the propulsive activity; the forms that follow are inborn and illuminative of where my urge to create begins.